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Looking for new office machines? How about a new WiFi setup? If you can touch it, we provide it. Roll out a new phone system for your business, or protect your employees with a state of the art security system.

Software & Web

Need to create your next storefront, or what about a POS system for your store – or anything else you dream of. We’ve got your back.


Need a place to home your project? Don’t want to spend big on your own servers? Try Kay, a next-gen cloud and house your software & data as close to your customers as possible.


IT Solutions

From $1600

Websites & Storefronts

Make your presence known. Whether your a Mum & Pop’ shop, or a Fortune 500, let’s propel your digital footprint into 2021. Drop-ship your customers their favourite clothing through a beautifully designed site, provide easily accessible documentation or integrate an events system with your ERM – let’s do it together.

From $1200

Security & CCTV

Protect your business with our state of the art security systems. Monitor 360 degrees around your premises with AI detection capabilities. Prevent issues from occurring in the first place by using award-winning access control solutions.

From $500

Business Networking & Phone

Provide internet & WiFi to all devices in your office. We partner with leading providers to ensure you get the best possible quality of service. We’ll handle any extra labour which may be needed for wiring or qualified services – reducing stress from your life. Upgrade to a leading business phone system, and ditch the unreliable mobile phone at your reception. From call queues, transfers & multiple calls at the same time – you can even continue a call onto your mobile phone if you walk away from the desk.

From $2000

Custom Apps

Launch your own internal messaging platform or the next social media. Your pick. We’ll help to realise it and ensure it meets and exceeds your expectations. Don’t need full app development? We can help to develop just the bit you need – whether that be the backend, frontend or a bit of both.

Let’s Work Together

Contact us for a no-obligation quote, and let’s see what we can do!


Other Solutions

From $2000

Server Design & Assembly

Not sure how to spec out your server for your next app? We’ll work out what type of processing, storage & networking it needs – and even purchase and assemble it for you! If having your own server doesn’t sound like what you need, try renting a VPS from Kay.

From $30/m

Web Hosting

Host your next web app or DB on KeJa’s cloud. Choose from a combination of our servers, or the public clouds at a discounted rate – and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

From $30/m

Game Hosting

Experiencing game-stopping lag on a server hosted overseas? Try using one of our game hosting plans, hosted on Kay, which tries to get the instance as close to your player base as possible. No more lag, and experience problem-free gaming.

From $80/hr

Hands-On Support

Short on labour for your next tech project? Hire one of our hands on short notice – and we’ll help you with agreed upon tasks & deadlines.